Moving Checklist – What to Do After the Move

Now that you’ve moved in, you can relax, but just a little. According to our moving checklist, there’s still a lot to do besides unpack.

  • Check all major appliances and electronics to ensure nothing was damaged during the move. Your insurance policy may have a limited time in which to make a claim. Since these are big ticket items, you should make sure they’re all working.
  • Before you can check your electronics, you’ll need to make sure all your services are up and running. Get more information on setting up utilities.
  • Keep all receipts and documentation related to your move in one file and keep the file in a safe, secure place. Make sure you have your bill of lading and payment receipt. You’ll need these items when the IRS comes knocking.
  • Register your child(ren) for school. The sooner your child can establish a regular routine, the easier it will be for them to settle in.
  • Get a new driver’s license, tags and/or plates for your vehicles. Check your local DMV for more information.
  • Register to vote.
  • Buy a subscription to the local newspaper or community magazine. This will quickly get you up to speed on what’s happening in your neighborhood.
  • Check with the post office or your old residence to make sure you’re mail is being forwarded and that you’ve registered your new address. Use this change of address checklist to make sure you’ve notified everyone.
  • Find new health professionals, including doctors, a dentist, and a vet.
  • Take care of your finances – set up new accounts, have money transferred or order new checks with your new address.
  • Contact insurance companies, including household, auto and health. Find out if you’re currently covered or if you need to create new policies with a new company. This is important to check especially if you’re moving to a new state or province.
  • Get a library card – one for each member of the family. Once you have a library card, you can consider yourself home!